Treatment of Impotence in 20s and 30s

Treatment of Impotence in 20s and 30s


Most young people are more stressed than vascular We’ll check the first place first through the test, and then if we treat it, it’s right that we should treat it first Before that, my bad lifestyle… I don’t know if I eat too much alcohol or if I smoke too much. I’ll correct my unhealthy habits and correct my lifestyle. In case of this,

If it’s not good enough, you should start with a warning treatment Since I’m doing a lot of July, there are surprisingly more young people who are not effective in treating the second neck It doesn’t work at around 30% So what do we do in that case? The second part of the treatment process is injection therapy, but we’ve had a good time with the injection disease, right? She said, “If you match the side effects of it, it’ll be effective for a while 시알리스 파는곳

You can’t see it well because it dries up. Then, of course, we’ll do a lot of inflatable prosthesis implantation, which is a surgical procedure I actually, by the way, sometimes when I’m in my 20s and 30s, if this doesn’t reflect any of the babies at all and doesn’t respond to another treatment, I do surgery He’s going to have surgery and he’s going to use it for a long time since he’s young That’s the case

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