Anna Jung Eun Chae’s infinite acting transformation

Anna Jung Eun Chae’s infinite acting transformation. Innocent daughter, cool black flower

Anna Jung Eun

In the Coupang Play series Anna, Jung Eun-chae, who plays the role of Hyun-joo, who only enjoys her superior life without consideration or malice, drew attention as she changed from a daughter of a carefree rich family to a cool blackened appearance.

In the third and fourth episodes, which aired on the 1st (Friday), Yumi (Suzy) was angry when she found out that she stole her life and became a university professor. Yumi, who is about to get divorced and lost her fortune due to stocks, could not have endured her success. Unlike his always relaxed appearance, he drew attention with his acting transformation, such as angry and screaming to pay back the price he stole his life with money.

In a preliminary interview with Anna, Jung Eun-chae said, “In contrast to the existing acting, which considered the synergy of exchanging with the other actor important to express Hyun-joo’s personality different from the typical villain, she focused only on her own breathing.” In addition, he showed off his clothes with colors and bold patterns that steal attention with thorough preparation, expressing Hyun-joo’s impromptu personality, completing a character that seems to be alive.

As such, he perfectly digests all styles, including fashion, as well as acting variations depending on the situation in the play, giving off his unique charm. The careful attention to not only the acting but also the external aspects of the character proves the extraordinary affection for the work, making Jung Eun-chae look forward to the rest of her performance.

Meanwhile, the Coupang Play series “Anna,” starring Jung Eun-chae, tells the story of a woman who started a completely different life, starting with a trivial lie, and the long-awaited fifth and sixth episodes can be seen on Coupang Play at 8 p.m. this Friday, July 8

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