Lee Sang your eyes will be ruined in 2 weeks What’s going on

Lee Sang your eyes will be ruined in 2 weeks What’s going on

Lee Sang

Actress Lee Sang-ah complained that “my eyes will be ruined” less than two weeks after having eye plastic surgery.

On July 7, Lee Sang-ah posted on her personal SNS, “I finished it until the end, but I think I shouldn’t have used a big one. I should try a small one carefully.” This guy needs to be paid, so let’s make up for it,” he posted the video.

In the video, Lee Sang-ah is showing off holding a teddy bear she made herself. It attracts attention as it boasts a pure visual that makes you not feel your age even when you are not wearing makeup.

In the meantime, Lee Sang-ah added, “By the way, all the eyes will be ruined,” raising questions.

When an acquaintance commented, “It’s finally completed,” Lee Sang-ah replied, “I thought my eyes were falling out,” giving laughter.

Lee Sang-ah said on the 25th of last month that “the large double eyelids have been covered,” and that she had surgery on her eyebrows.

In addition, Lee Sang-ah made headlines earlier for having had scalp tattoos, hair growth procedures, and eye surgery to correct uneven eyes.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang-ah made her debut in 1984 with the KBS drama “TV Moonhakwan-Standing in Sansa,” and appeared in SBS’ “Fire Youth” and Channel A’s “A Child Couple Who Want to Become Hot Again.” Currently, it is actively communicating with fans through SNS.

Lee Sang-ah has been divorced three times and has a daughter. Lee Sang-ah’s daughter, Yoon Seo-jin, is active on SNS influencer

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