What is a good to eat when you get hot from sunstroke and heatstroke?

What is a good food to eat when you get hot from sunstroke and heatstroke?


The hot summer has begun. During outdoor activities in hot summer, you should be careful of sunstroke and heatstroke due to the sensible temperature above 35 degrees Celsius. These symptoms are described in slang as “heated” and in summer, you should refrain from outdoor activities to avoid heat.

In addition, when sunstroke and heatstroke symptoms occur, it is necessary to control your body temperature and take care of your body to improve abnormal reactions. Then, what kind of food should I eat when I get hot?

What is a good food to eat when you get hot?

1. Cucumber

Cucumber has a high moisture content. So it can fill the body with water that is lacking when you are hot, and it has the effect of cooling off the body heat. However, it is recommended not to eat a large amount of cucumbers in people with coldness.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon not only quenches thirst due to its high moisture content, but it also cools the body’s heat and helps discharge waste into the body by helping to diuretic effect. In addition, it depends on the individual, but if you eat cucumbers when you feel nauseous, you can expect a soothing effect.

3. Ion drink

Ion drink
When heat stroke and sunstroke symptoms occur, it is helpful for the electrolyte to get enough water. So it’s good to prepare an ion drink and drink it frequently, but if you don’t have an ion drink, it’s also helpful to drink sugar water, salt water, plum tea, omija tea, etc.

4. Warm water

Warm water
When you get hot, you will run out of moisture in your body. Therefore, it is recommended to drink water frequently to replenish moisture. You should drink lukewarm water, not cold water, and if you keep drinking cold water, your body temperature may rise and you may have an upset stomach, so you must be careful.

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