The bossy old man doesn’t know how to apologize, but spring

The bossy old man doesn’t know how to apologize, but spring, why are you crying out of the blue?


Dancer Noh Je (real name Roh Ji-hye) did not seem to know how to admit her mistake and apologize. Did he not want to bow his head and apologize until the end?

Attention was drawn to the 2022 Street Women Fighter Reunion Concert [THE NEXT ERA] held on the 9th and 10th. This is because Nohje, a dancer, made his first public appearance after the commercial abuse scandal.

Noze got a chance to hold the microphone and tell his feelings. Looking at the audience, Noje said, “I think I’ll live with this memory. Thank you so much to those who came to the concert,” he said, and swallowed tears as if he had become emotional. The image was transmitted through a microphone, and was also released through the camera.

Roh said, “We are not people who have not tried at any moment. I just want you to know this,” he said, shedding tears. Compared to what Nohje did earlier, it was a pretty embarrassing comment.

Out of the blue, Nohje wrote the subject with “we” and lumped his fault. Suddenly, he tried to dilute the problem of power abuse with the choice of the word ‘try’. Still, Luzhe did not seem to know what kind of problem he had caused.

Earlier, Noze conducted several advertisements through Instagram. After Mnet’s “Street Women Fighter” broadcast, it proved its hot popularity toward Noje. He was so drunk with the heat that he showed off his advertisement power, and once the agency apologized instead. The process was not smooth either. This is because the agency, which was trying to avoid Roh’s mistake, belatedly admitted it.

No-je can’t make up this case simply by making efforts, mistakes, and unfairness. It is a violation of the contract that he received the executed advertising fee and did not fulfill his role. If he deleted the post arbitrarily, he also broke the pre-contract.

However, Roh has not yet apologized directly. He didn’t change even when he went on stage as a dancer, his main job. Of course, there is no reason to apologize unconditionally on the stage. However, it is embarrassing to ask her to understand him in tears.

Will Roh Moo-hyun give up on advertising revenue from now? Is he trying to be a dancer?

I wonder if there will be a courageous company that entrusts advertisements to an old man who doesn’t keep his contract properly and doesn’t know how to admit his mistake and apologize.

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