Multiple emergency contraceptives for torn condoms in relationships?

Multiple emergency contraceptives for torn condoms in relationships?


If you want to take contraceptives right after taking emergency contraceptives, you have to take them for 5 days. It’s important because it’s contraceptives. If it’s already fixed, you’re taking them afterwards. Even if you take them, it doesn’t cheer you up right away

It’s important to use a condom for at least a week If you’re curious about contraception after taking it, you can check your birthday and take it beforehand. If you’re really curious, even if you started taking it beforehand, it’s safe to use a pregnancy tester

When and if I do this after I’m involved, it’ll be fixed after a week, and the desk will be fixed, and the pregnancy hormone will come out, so I’ll go to the hospital and tell them that I can’t believe it If you look at all the things we’ve talked about so far, how hard would it be? I have to go to the hospital, get it, test it, get nervous, and even spend money on my emotions. Including that, the money can be blocked with 8,000 won to 10,000 won in advance contraception

You’re spending hundreds of thousands of won right now, and you’re not worried about me getting pregnant, and the sad thing is that you got an emergency prescription from another teacher five months ago and you haven’t had your period for five months For those who are worried about emergency contraceptives, I want to tell you that you need to test it without menstruation There must be a reason why I don’t do it

Aren’t you worried about not having your period when you’re not pregnant? You have a problem, Anam. Of course, women aren’t pregnant. You have to be suspicious about it. There are things you don’t want to see a first-year-old I think it’s because there’s a pregnancy test, so I can do it. But it’s not like we meet quickly and even if we get pregnant, it’s like my mom. If my mom tells my mom to take a medical exam, she’ll have a lot less trouble and if she doesn’t do it quickly 정품비아그라

Even if there are people who think they’re comfortable, I understand from the standpoint. It’s not coming out. It’s like sitting on the sand It’s not like single women. When you have a baby like me, especially on Wednesday, it’s very vague. If you do it on Wednesday, you won’t be able to have a veranda, but there are people who don’t have menstruation and get pregnant

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