I jumped to the point where my helmet came off Choi Ji-man

I jumped to the point where my helmet came off Choi Ji-man’s multi-base fighting spirit explodes at base


Choi Ji-man (31) of the Tampa Bay Rays in the Major League Baseball (MLB) played a good role in raising the team’s atmosphere in batting and base running.

Choi Ji-man started as the second batter and first baseman in the 2022 Major League Baseball home game against Boston at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, on the 12th (Korea Standard Time).

From his first at-bat in the bottom of the first inning, Choi Ji-man became the stepping stone for the first run. With no outs and runners on first base, he picked up a walk after a full count match. He advanced to second base with a hit by Jonathan Aranda, the next batter, and stepped home on Josh Lowe’s timely hit.

In the next at-bat, he showed the side of the troubleshooter. In the bottom of the second inning when the team was leading 3-1 with two outs and runners on second base, Choi Ji-man played a game to reach six pitches and hit a hit in front of the left fielder. Choi Ji-man added an RBI single as second baseman Yandy Diaz homered

He then scored an additional point with a base play by fighting spirit. With two outs and runners on first and second base, Aranda hit a short hit in front of the right fielder. At this time, Choi Ji-man boldly dug into the groove. Running to the point where his helmet came off, he slid into the groove and scored another goal.

Choi Ji-man, who struck out in the bottom of the fourth inning, finished the game by being replaced by pinch hitter Harold Ramirez ahead of his fourth at-bat in the sixth inning.

Choi Ji-man had one hit in two at-bats, one RBI, two runs and one walk. His batting average for the season rose to 0.283. Having picked up four walks in the game the previous day, he also succeeded in multi-basement and contributed to the lineup 코인파워볼

Tampa Bay, meanwhile, won the game 10-5 against Boston. Tampa Bay, which had a four-run lead, allowed a timely hit by Xander Bogartz in the fifth inning to tie the game 5-5. However, he scored two runs in the sixth to take the lead again, and in the bottom of the eighth, he scored three more runs to seal the game

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