Ben Wook Becomes a Parent After 2 Years of Marriage

Ben Wook Becomes a Parent After 2 Years of Marriage Registration three months of pregnancy


Singer Ben becomes a mother.

According to a report on Sports Chosun, Ben has recently confirmed his pregnancy and is focusing on prenatal care. Currently, it is about three months pregnant and has just entered a stable period.

Ben and his husband Lee Wook, chairman of the W Foundation, have experienced the joy of pregnancy in about two years since they reported their marriage in 2020. The two express their gratitude for the arrival of the new life they have been waiting for, and are carefully informing the people around them.

The celebration of the second generation is overflowing with warm blessings from people around him. Both families are also happy with the news of pregnancy and are helping to prepare for childbirth step by step. The baby is expected to be born between January and February next year.

Ben is now stable and committed to prenatal care. She will give birth in good health while taking care of her condition carefully.

Ben and Chairman Lee Wook began their public relationship in September 2019 and announced their marriage in August 2020. At that time, in the aftermath of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the ceremony was postponed and the marriage was reported first, becoming a legal couple. Since then, they have been married in June last year amid many people’s congratulations.

Born in 1991, Ben made his debut in the music industry in 2010 as a member of the group Bebe Minon. Since then, he has been loved as a solo singer by releasing hit songs such as “I’m in love,” “Like a dream,” “180 degrees,” “Don’t go today,” and “Thank you for breaking up.”

Chairman Lee Wook was born in 1988 and is three years older than Ben. A graduate of Hanyang University’s law department, he has established a “young foundation for communication” since the time of university to convey hope to society. He is currently the chairman of the W Foundation, which conducts climate change, climate refugee relief, and nature conservation campaigns

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