172 km return ball and fracture fingers also out of the season?

172 km return ball and fracture fingers also out of the season? in the past two g

172 km

Boston Red Sox Ace Chris Sale (33) assault after two games at bat back injuries and suffered bad luck that it replaces.

The sale May 18, (ISS) 2022 at Yankee Stadium in Bronx New York State United States Major League Baseball started the game with New York Yankees starting pitcher, Of these, two-thirds innings, two pianta a sand dune and three runs (up 2) was replaced after a record. A sudden injury.

1 dj reumeiyu Aaron jersey after a match for well-fitting GLAYVA Torres after dealing with ground ball first base grounded the ball sales exported by Anthony rijo to. Third baseman Rafael debeoseu to We lost runs scored first on an error after Matt Carpenter to any additional goal on an infield grounder.

Continued, with two outs and Aaron Hicks in the second assault between fingers and into the right side of the bat had a sale of second base runners came home. (171.7 km) 106.7 miles per hour between a finger without the sale of the assault to avoid, and then went to bat had a sale immediately off the mound. Transit on the screen tv left little finger has broken sales of all been caught.

According to the media, including the ‘The mass live’ sale was found to have broken left little finger. With bones, and given time to throw the ball again seem hard to escape out of the season. Injury return came in just two games at the rise of the injustice of the sale is continuing to bad luck.

Before the season began, sales are the right side, and ribs began on the disabled list with a stress fracture. After rehabilitation, he reported his return to the Tampa Bay race on the 13th with three hits, one walk, and five strikeouts in five innings. However, finger fractures due to two consecutive years out of the season becoming inevitable. On this day, lost to Boston to New York Yankees 2 – 13, Gyeonggi Province, and with the defeat, the sale 안전공원

Sale signed a five-year, $145 million extension contract with Boston in March 2019. After leading Boston to the World Series title in 2018, he gave up FA and stayed in Boston with a large extension contract. However, he was unable to complete the season due to an elbow injury from the first year of his contract. After being out of the season in mid-August, he underwent elbow ligament surgery.

The contract for extension began in 2020, but he started rehabilitation by losing the entire season from the first year. Sale, who returned in August last year, announced his recovery with five wins and one loss in nine games (42자 innings) and a 3.16 ERA and 52 strikeouts. This year was expected to be a full-time season, but with two injuries, it looks like it will end with just two appearances

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