Jennie is so skinny that her pants are too loose

Jennie is so skinny that her pants are too loose She’s busy with her personal schedule even before the comeback


Group BLACKPINK Jennie shared her recent status before her comeback.

Jenny shared a picture through her Instagram story function on the 17th.

The released photo shows Jenny on the set of a beauty brand. On a pile of balloons presented by the brand, Jenny posed for the balloon, which is the background, with the phrase “enjoyable filming.”

Jenny is wearing a dark blue shirt, a colorful necklace, and long straight hair. In particular, Jenny’s skinny legs in blue shorts drew attention.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK, to which Jenny belongs, recently made a comeback in about a year and 10 months, drawing attention.

Announcing their comeback, YG Entertainment said, “BLACKPINK is currently in the final stage of recording their new album. They will start shooting their music video in July and release their new songs in August

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