cervical cancer screening treatment I’ll briefly explain

cervical cancer screening treatment


I’ll briefly explain what partial cell abnormalities are to those who can’t catch a lecture What we’re talking about is cervical dysplasia And if we’re going to do a cervical cancer test, we’re going to make a small scratch, and we’re going to take a cell out of it, and we’re going to send it to the pathology department, and we’re going to zoom in on the slides, and see what each cell looks like

It’s a test to see how the cells look like after putting them all in the water So when you look at a cell with a slide, you see if it’s perfectly normal If it’s normal, it results in normal results. If the shape of the baby looks a little weird or the inflammation seems to be affected, it results in inflammatory cell changes A lot of people are confused because the change in inflammatory cells is an abnormal finding. It’s related to ARMY. If there’s an inflammation, it means that you have to get treatment if you have any symptoms of air inflammation

But when I give you a test, Then, it rarely comes out completely normal. I think it’s less than 10% The rest are normal, but there are inflammatory cell changes, and there are cases where there are actually inflammations, for example, cervical inflammation, disease, and there are cells contaminated with inflammation, and they show some of those things If you have menopause and get a dry skin after you get older, it can come out like that It’s not treated when you don’t have symptoms. If you have a lot of secretions, smells, or itchy symptoms, visit the hospital again and check if there’s a lot of secretions

You can do a carrier test together. So if you need it, you can take medicine and treat it. There are no symptoms. There are no symptoms. It’s clean. But you don’t have to worry about it So, in the case of inflammation treatment, I give you some medicine. So when you don’t come to check, it’s not just a meter test, but when you go to the obstetrics and gynecology department, the obstetrics and gynecology department does that And if there’s an inflammation, I treat it right away. In my case, I disinfect it and put in the amount. In severe cases, I give you antibiotics. If there’s no problem with the examination, that’s okay. The problem is that I start with the amorphous epithelial cells

There are five stages to divide it into big pieces There’s an atypical epithelial cell change, a low-grade, moderate-severe epithelial cell change, and finally, there’s ARMY When we look at each stage, there are no ARMYs at the summit The reason why we do that test is because when the kids are moving on to the middle stage, they’re all doing eye tests to treat them The most common finding is if it’s not low, it’s just a change in atypical epithelial cells. It’s not cancer, but I see a few strange cells. It could be affected by the virus. It’s not that serious 강남풀싸롱

It doesn’t matter if they stay still. There are a lot of people who are back to normal So, the results came out So you don’t have to worry too much. Just do it We’re going to zoom in on the cervix, see if there’s any place to do a biopsy, see if we have the insurance money virus, and we’re going to do that After the test, I’m going to do it again after about 6 months, because it could be a process where the cells progress further than this. In order to detect it early, we’re going to do the test every 6 months In the case of low light, there are strange cells, but about a third of them are laid on the floor That’s what it means

There are a few of them You have to stay like this, guys, there’s a possibility that you’re on the floor. In the middle, two-thirds of severe cases, the entire wall is denatured, but when it’s not cancer cells, it’s like that. If you shut up, you’ll have to treat the endothelial cancer So we have different treatments for each stage What I want to say here is that it’s called ascus ascus, which comes out the most

It’s the stage of atypical epithelial cell degeneration. You just need to test it I don’t need any special treatment or anything But if you haven’t been vaccinated against the virus, it’s helpful to get vaccinated. But in step 5, if the doctor keeps following the examination well, there’s no major health problem You don’t have to worry too much about that

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