Figure skating queen Kim Yu-na Phantom singer Ko Woo-rim’s

Figure skating queen Kim Yu-na Phantom singer Ko Woo-rim’s marriage pre-dating relationship


Figure queen Kim Yu-na (32) fell in love with her five-year-old younger brother beyond her age. The person who is dating on the premise of marriage is Ko Woo-rim (27), a popular popera singer who is working as a member of the crossover group Forestella.

The FACT, an online media outlet, confirmed the authenticity of Kim Yu-na, who has been a gold medalist in Olympic figure skating since last year, and Ko Woo-rim, a “handsome man” from Phantom Singer 2, and enjoyed a sweet late-night date in the rain on the 23rd.

An entertainment industry official, who asked not to be identified on the 25th, said, “The rumor that the two have been dating since December last year has calmed down,” adding, “I know that those who have been dating for nearly a year have recently gone beyond ‘lover relationship’ to ‘October marriage rumor’ because they have confirmed their trust in each other’s love.”

An official from both sides also confirmed on the 25th, “It is true that we are dating on the premise of marriage.” An official from All That Sports admitted in a telephone interview with The Fact earlier in the day, “It is true that the meeting between the two has developed into a good relationship,” but said, “However, the story of marriage is a serious matter to check with the family.” Bit Interactive officials also briefly mentioned that they are checking the marriage part.

Thirty minutes after the first report of “The Fact,” Ko Woo-rim’s agency, Bit Interactive, said, “I’m telling you because I have good news for the artist Ko Woo-rim. Ko Woo-rim will marry “Figure Queen” Kim Yu-na in October, confirming her marriage in October. He also explained the background that the two met for the first time on the occasion of the celebration stage of the All That Skating Ice Show in 2018, and after three years of dating, they were able to bear fruit through marriage.

The Fact first confirmed the sweet date between the two last weekend. The two looked bright and bright from 2 p.m. on the 23rd to 1 a.m. on the 24th until Kim Yu-na returned home in Gaurim’s car. “Hotness” and “sweetness” were detected only with affectionate expressions looking at each other throughout the time we spent together.

Ko Woo-rim, who has enjoyed high popularity since appearing on JTBC’s “Phantom Singer Season 2,” is five years younger than Kim Yu-na, and finally appeared as the main character of a special couple of sports stars and rising fandom stars in the music industry when the date was first confirmed.

“The Fact” has detected a sweet lover atmosphere several times in the process of checking their whereabouts through reports from acquaintances over the past two months. However, it was not easy to capture a date just between the two. The two made a completely mixed schedule or took the appearance of blocking the fact of their romantic relationship from leaking out in advance through time difference movements.

This is attributed to the fact that Kim Yu-na, who has experienced measles in the past, is very sensitive to reports on dating, and that Ko Woo-rim has maintained that she does not respond to any of the contents in consideration of her lover’s position.

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