To check if she’s a virgin or not You might not be able

To check if she’s a virgin or not


You might not be able to find out in great detail that she’s a woman with no sexual experience, an obstetrician In general, when you look at the primaries, the most important thing is that there’s a possibility of sexual assault For those of you who are being sexually assaulted, we accept the damage to the meninges, because we know the recent wounds, so we can visually check the bleeding, the tear, and so on In that case, you can write your opinion about how the person’s hymenorrhea is suspected of being inserted

But in general, when you’re talking about obstetrics and gynecology, you just look at it like this, and we don’t really care if you’re a girl or not. Because when you’re talking about it, if you haven’t had sex before, you don’t check it at home I’m not recommending a cervical cancer test, but if you do, try learning to get a good foot instead of vaginal ultrasound You don’t talk about it, so I want you to respect my situation. I saw it, and the entrance to the water is so wide. I don’t think you’re a natural salt No matter how wide we see, we see signs of delivery, but if you say you’re a virgin, you don’t examine the vagina or the inside of the uterus What do you think of the Virgo?

In the case of the Virgo, it’s not completely closed I think a lot of people think that there’s a thin and transparent membrane like an eardrum There’s something in the mouth of the vagina, so when you have a relationship for the first time, you think it’s going to rip and bleeding But most of the Virgo that we see have holes in themselves There’s a hole in the liver in some form It’s not completely blocked, but it’s not like it’s torn, so you can menstruate, and you can use it as a single product, so what’s the difference is that it’s damaged and not done, so doctors can see it to a certain extent, but before this,

There is a slight tear when you first come in without observing a person’s virginity So it can be a little hard to diagnose this person, not even a maiden, because he’s just so many shapes and shapes, but when he’s in a relationship, he’s also a maiden There are cases where it’s very few in the Bible experience, and the 400 itself doesn’t work. When I try to insert it, I feel like it’s not working well. That’s why most people know about it’

But if you’re in your mid-30s and you’re a maiden, but if you say you’re a maiden, you’re a baby, so there aren’t many people who come to do a maiden reconstruction I’m actually going to have surgery to improve my sensitivity before marriage or remarriage. I don’t have a lot of things like putting in a muffler or doing other simple procedures to improve the cathedral 강남야구장

In short, yes Everyone looks so different in the Virgo There are many ways to be damaged, if not in a relationship, so it may be hard to recognize that this person is not even a virgin by looking at the shape of the person

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