RBI king 83 RBIs home run king 38th gun subway series Mets 6-3 Yankees

RBI king 83 RBIs home run king 38th gun subway series Mets 6-3 Yankees

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The team with the top RBI in the first Subway series this season won.

The New York Mets won 6-3 in a home game against the New York Yankees at City Field on the 27th (Korea Standard Time) thanks to Pete Alonso’s equalizer and Eduardo Escobar’s home run.

The New York-based Yankees and the Mets will face off in the first interleague game of the season. Attention was focused on Aaron Judge, the No. 1 home run player in both leagues, and Alonso, the No. 1 RBI player. Both players raised their figures in their respective fields.

The jersey hit a home run in the top of the first inning. In his first at-bat after one out, Jersey pushed a 96-mile fastball in the middle of Mets starter Taichuan Walker’s sixth pitch and hit a large solo shot that easily crossed the right fence. His batting average was 112.1 miles and 423 feet. The Yankees then led 2-0 with Anthony Rizzo’s solo shot to the left.

However, the Mets beat Yankees starter Jordan Montgomery in the bottom of the first inning to reverse the situation. After one out, Staling Marte’s solo home run to the left led the Mets to create another opportunity with Francisco Lindor’s left double before tying the game 2-2 with Aloso’s center-field double. Escobar, who continued with two outs and second base, made a two-run shot to the left to succeed in turning the game around 4-2.

The Mets took the lead in the bottom of the third inning by adding a run. After leading Marte hit a double in the middle and went out, he took advantage of Lindor’s ground ball and dug into the home by taking advantage of the opponent’s third baseman’s throwing error. The Mets, who continued their two-run lead, added a run with Jeff McNeil’s timely hit in the bottom of the eighth inning to put a wedge in the game.

Jersey went 2-for-3 with one RBI and one walk, including his 38th home run of the season, raising his batting average to 0.297 and OPS 1.037. Jersey, which led the overall home run in the Major League, increased the number of RBIs to 82.

Alonso, who hit three hits and one RBI in three at-bats, raised his batting average to 0.280, and topped the list with 83 RBIs.

Mets starter Walker was hit with two home runs, but he had a quality start of seven hits and three runs in six innings, winning eight wins (two losses) of the season 파워볼사이트

The Yankees, the No. 1 team in the Eastern District, maintained the top spot in the league with 66 wins and 32 losses (0.673), and the Mets, who won two consecutive games, kept the lead in the Eastern District of the National League with 60 wins (37 losses)

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