Shin Bongsun succeeded in dieting but she can’t stand

Shin Bongsun succeeded in dieting but she can’t stand a hip like Namsan

Shin Bongsun

Broadcaster Shin Bong-sun communicated with netizens through comments.

Shin posted a photo on her personal Instagram on July 27 with a message, “Mother and Yanggang.”

The photo shows Shin Bong-sun’s mother and her dog Yang Gang-yi lying side by side on the floor of the living room. As Shin Bong-sun recently confessed her dog’s dementia, the two who are taking a leisurely nap are all the more affectionate.

One of them said, “Your hip is the size of Namsan Mountain. It’s sexy.” Despite the explanation that she was a mother and Yang Gang, she misunderstood Shin Bong-sun’s mother as Shin Bong-sun herself.

In response, Shin Bong-sun explained by writing a reply, “It is my mother who has a hip as big as Namsan Mountain.” Shin Bong-sun, who couldn’t stand the misunderstanding that it was as hip as Namsan Mountain, drew a pleasant laugh.

Meanwhile, Shin Bong-sun said, “What do you do when you play on MBC’s entertainment show?”be on ‘ The recent success of dieting drew attention

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