to have medicine to take during pregnancy

to have medicine to take during pregnancy


I’ll tell you what medicine you can take safely and what you shouldn’t take during pregnancy There are a lot of people who don’t take medicine even if they reduce the prescription because of bad symptoms during pregnancy For obstetricians, it’s very difficult and unfortunate, because sometimes you have to treat it. For example, you have a high fever in the early stages of the gland The fever is 39 to 40 degrees, so it’s hard for the mother and she’s not feeling well, but it can also have a bad effect on the child You have to take antipyretics at times like this

So, I need to lower the mother’s heart temperature to prevent problems for me. But if you think it’s a story, you think it’s not good, so there are times when you don’t eat it The most common antipyretic pain reliever for mothers is Tylenol, and if you make Tylenol, which doesn’t contain any other ingredients, you can get a risk-free antipyretic painkiller during pregnancy So one of the most commonly prescribed types of obstetrics and gynecology is Tylenol, and you have early morning sickness I prescribe medicine that I use to choose. It’s very effective these days. But people around me don’t want to take it because I’m afraid it’s not good for babies. There are people who don’t take it. Those situations are not good for morning sickness

Mom can’t eat well, vomit and dehydrate. It’s hard for her, but it’s not good for her She’s growing up while she’s losing weight, but she’s probably not in a situation where she’s So, the most important thing is to maintain the health of the mother so that even if it doesn’t work at all, reservation has nothing to do with memory and it’s supposed to have a good effect on the baby by improving the mother’s quality So, don’t worry too much. If you have bad morning sickness, you should take a break from taking medicine. Blood pressure medication is high before pregnancy

You should take the blood pressure medication so that you can’t stop taking it If your blood pressure is too high during pregnancy, it’s dangerous. You’ll be exposed There are some blood pressure medications that you can use during pregnancy There are some other medications that you shouldn’t use, but if you’re pregnant, you can talk to your doctor and replace them with blood pressure medications that you can use during pregnancy and keep them that way If your mom’s blood pressure goes up too much, there’s a risk of pregnancy addiction, and there’s a risk that your baby won’t like it, so you have to control your blood pressure We talked about not being able to take the medicine that we can take Most of them replace it with insulin. You have to ignore the thyroid medication during thyroid medication

Being within that normal range is even more important during pregnancy, so the thyroid level can change a lot as you get pregnant You have to adjust it accordingly You have to keep your medication intact One of the two drugs that’s completely safely packed during pregnancy is thyroid You need to take the medicine to get better. It’s a lot more effective On the other hand, what are the drugs that you can’t take? You should never take acne medication, so when you prescribe acne medication, you always ask if there’s a possibility of pregnancy There’s a hospital that gives me medicine after the pregnancy test, so I’m going to be told to have contraception while I’m taking it

Because the ingredient isotretino is closely related to acne medication That’s why it’s more than 30% of memory-causing foods. So while you’re taking those drugs, you need to be careful about contraception. If you’re pregnant, that’s a problem So if you’re planning to get pregnant, you should stop taking that medicine more than a month before that So it’s important to have a planned pregnancy It’s not a drug you take a lot of, but warfarin prevents blood clotting, because these drugs are related to memory speech in your child, so you can stop taking medication before you get pregnant and change your heparin properly, which isn’t something you normally take

I’m going to talk to Good. If I say I’m planning to get pregnant, they’ll change my medication to see if it’s safe. And the thing you’re worried about a lot is contraceptives There are cases where I took birth control pills and became pregnant It’s not like I heard the birth control pill well, but I took it to postpone it, or I thought it wasn’t a meeting scene, so I started taking it, and I became pregnant. But if you look at the birth control pill, that’s what the manual says It says it’s a drug that you should never take during pregnancy, but it doesn’t have a bad effect on your child, it doesn’t mean it’s investigating, it’s related to miscarriage, it’s cute, it’s something you don’t need before 강남풀싸롱

So, when we divide it into categories, it’s a drug that you should never take during pregnancy, but it’s not a bad influence. So even if you take the birth control pill, it doesn’t have to be bad for your baby. We recommend antibiotics for you to take. Because if your mom has an infection She said she had a fever or the inflammation was excessive, but my mom said she wouldn’t take medicine anymore So sometimes it gets really bad. I thought it was a cold, so I kept holding it in. I went to sinusitis. You have to take antibiotics. You don’t get better. But even though you take antibiotics, you keep worrying

Even if you’re having a hard time, don’t you think it’s right not to eat it for your child? But you have to eat it for your child There are a lot of safe antibiotics for pregnant women, so if you choose well, your mom will get better, and there will be no bad nutrition for your child So, if you don’t have a cold, you have to block things like sinusitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. before that stage

Otherwise, if the mother’s health becomes excessively bad, it’s only natural that the baby gets worse When she gets a fever and her heart rate goes up, she beats her baby’s heart rate together How much pressure can that little baby have? So, always consult your doctor about medicine, use safe medicine, take good care of your health, and with appropriate prescriptions and appropriate treatment, it’s very important to get out of bad condition quickly and rest during pregnancy

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