Traut who suffers from a rare disease My career is not

Traut who suffers from a rare disease My career is not over yet


Mike Trout (30, Los Angeles Angels) revealed his health and aspirations.

The U.S. media ESPN reported on the 28th (local time) that “Mike Prostad, the chief trainer of the Angels, revealed that Trout’s back disease is a rare disease.”

“The back disease that Trout is currently complaining about is a very rare disease,” Prostad quoted the medical staff on the 27th, saying, “This disease is caused by various factors such as practice hitting, swinging, running in the outfield, diving for the ball, or jumping on the wall.”

“Some fans said, ‘Trout’s career is over.’ “But I’m not done yet,” he said. “I’m willing to come back this year.” Prostad said, “We are not considering measures such as excluding trappings. We will listen to the judgment of the medical staff and take appropriate follow-up measures,” he added.

Trout was replaced in the top of the fifth inning against the Astros on the 12th, complaining of a back injury. A week later, he was listed on the 10-day IL list due to left rib inflammation. “I’ve already missed my first chance,” said Lee, who was selected as the captain of the U.S. WBC team. I can’t miss my second chance,” he said, expressing his willingness to return 안전놀이터

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