How to remove grease marks from clothes

How to remove grease marks from clothes


Don’t worry if you have oil on your clothes! There are ways to remove oil stains regardless of the material of the clothes. First, pat the kitchen towel on the clothes so that the grease can be absorbed, and then quickly use kitchen detergent, starch, or disinfectant alcohol depending on the material and size of the clothes. When the stain is removed, put it in the washing machine and wash the clothes as usual.

Check the tag of the clothes to see how to manage them according to the fabric material. Kitchen detergents can be found on fabrics commonly used in everyday life such as cotton, polyester, linen, jersey shirts, and canvas. If you look at the tag of the clothes, there is a special washing method along with the type of cloth. If the tag contains instructions such as “wash only with cold water” or “dry clean”, this method is not used.

Pat the grease spots with a dry kitchen towel to absorb the grease. Use a clean kitchen towel or tissue to carefully tap and absorb the grease. Pat lightly because rubbing can absorb oil deeper through the fibers.

Cover the oil stain with a regular kitchen detergent. Although it is recommended to use detergents without color, if you do not have such detergents, use the detergents you have now. Spray detergent so that the spots are sufficiently wet.

Use a soft mock toothbrush to lightly rub the kitchen detergent against the stain. Try using your fingers or an old toothbrush. If you rub lightly in a circle without carefully applying pressure, the kitchen detergent seeps deeper into the fiber.

Leave it for about 30 minutes. Let stand for 30 minutes or so that kitchen detergent, stain remover or laundry detergent can permeate the fabric of the clothes.

Rinse well the oiled parts with hot water. Leave the clothes under the hot water vapor and rinse thoroughly with the kitchen detergent. Try rubbing the stain lightly with your fingers to remove the grease.

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