Dana has been bragging about losing 27kg for a month

Dana has been bragging about losing 27kg for a month Until when are you teasing me?


Dana, who announced her comeback as a singer, has been bragging about her diet success for a month.

Dana recently released a tennis look pictorial on Instagram, drawing attention.

“What do you think about me turning into a taelin?” he said. Why don’t you fight the heat with the heat?” and released a tennis look pictorial.

Dana’s slim body and healthy beauty, which have been on a diet for three years after losing 27kg, are impressive. In particular, with the release of a series of pictorials, the appearance before the diet is also drawing attention.

Among them, as he succeeded in losing weight with the help of a diet-specialized company, a month-long promotional post is drawing public disapproval

Attention is focusing on how long Dana, who previously raised expectations of many fans by announcing her return to the entertainment industry, will continue to attract issues with diet promotional posts

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