ovulation day of pregnancy attempt What’s the reason

ovulation day of pregnancy attempt


What’s the reason why I can’t get pregnant? There are a lot of people who come to that hospital to see ovulation days. What do you mean, ovulation days? Something’s different than I thought I’ve been having a relationship with the ovulation day I’ve been thinking about, and when it doesn’t recognize well, she’s worried about something and she’s looking at the hospital So you want to check if there’s a problem with my uterus or an Ansan, and you want to see if I want ovulation, and you want to know if I’m having an ovulation day, and you want to be able to effectively say that I’m pregnant

So for those who come like that, there aren’t that many people who come from the beginning Then you should try it a few times. But when you get pregnant at 5 o’clock, there’s a rumor that it’s going to be recognized if you look at the ovulation ultrasound But that’s just for me to take a rest so that I get pregnant You should know that. I went to a hospital to buy some seedling and it’s going to work This is medically impossible I think it’s a rumor if people get pregnant a few times by chance. Anyway, I’m going to tell you that there are things that people who come to see ovulation ultrasound have in common that I can’t recognize. I’s something that I’m going to tell you

So there’s something good about being pregnant, and if I try a little more of those things, it’s more likely If you think you’re doing it 30% times, that’s a big possibility So I’m going to tell you first that you’re going to have enough relationships, and that’s what I used to say before, but the Baeranil government has to give that relationship a couple of days or so So I told them to take a day off and take a day off. I told them that they were amateurs or something like that If it’s not ovulation, you have to abstain I thought that’s how the probability goes up. But these days, everyone says no. When you want to have a relationship, you have to do it freely. It’s not that. I feel a lot of pressure and I have to produce a second generation With that in mind, there are times when it’s not smooth because of that For example, if you can’t start well, or if you can’t start well 시알리스 파는곳

But there’s one male per woman. Of the causes, there’s one male, including ovulation. What about women? They’re going to test for infertility. Some of you might have seen it earlier, but you have to do it a lot today I have to do blood tests, and I have to check if my difficulties are normally sleepy, and if I ovulate, I have to check the ultrasound. But there are a lot of tests that men are going to do You just have to do a test before that, so it’s best to do a test on that first, file a file to see if there’s a problem, and then you’re pregnant You can check them out, so we do tests called by a nearby urologist, or hospital

I have a lot of anxiety about that. Everyone who got married late… Me and my friends… There were friends who were burdened about that It doesn’t matter if I’m married and don’t have it at all, but I want to have it, but you’re all afraid of getting married late. There are a lot of ways these days, so you don’t say you’re over 35 years old. Don’t give up

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