Chakun Song Chaeyoon. Married on September 3rd 6 years

Chakun Song Chaeyoon. Married on September 3rd 6 years of dating


Villains Music CEO and producer Cha Kun and actor and webtoon artist Song Chae-yoon will marry.

On the 2nd, Villains Music said, “Producer Chakun and writer Song Chae-yoon will make a 100-year promise on September 3rd.”

“After they formed a relationship in 2016, they encouraged and supported each other despite their busy schedules, developing into a serious relationship, and forming a relationship based on the trust and unwavering love they have accumulated over the past six years,” he said.

The ceremony will be held behind closed doors in Seoul with family members and close acquaintances from both families.

Villains Music said, “I would like to express my deep gratitude to those who watch and support Cha Kun and Song Chae-yoon with a warm heart, and I hope that they will bless the future of the two who are about to make a new start as a reliable partner.”

Meanwhile, Chakun was born in 1986 and Song Chaeyoon was born in 1987

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