44-win pitcher in the big league Arizona, re-entering

44-win pitcher in the big league Arizona, re-entering the KBO Lotte?


Dan Straily, 34, was released from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Triple-A Reno Ace under Arizona Diamond in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) officially announced the release of Dan Straily on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time).

Straily was a member of the Lotte Giants in the 2020-21 KBO League with 25 wins, 16 losses and a 3.22 ERA. In particular, in 2020, he won the most 15 games in a season as a foreign pitcher for Lotte, and surpassed 200 strikeouts (1st place, 205).

Straily returned to the U.S. after rejecting Lotte’s offer to renew his contract with the goal of re-entering the big leagues after the end of last season.

However, he suffered a severe slump this season. He pitched in 15 Triple-A games (12 starts) and was sluggish with 3 wins, 3 losses and a 6.35 ERA. His career record in the big leagues is 44 wins, 40 losses, and a 4.56 ERA. In the end, he failed to re-enter the big league, becoming a “free body” that can be signed with any club.

Just in time, the Lotte Giants of the KBO League released Glenn Sparkman (2 wins and 4 losses, 5.31 ERA).

Straily, who has found a new foreign pitcher and experienced the KBO League for Lotte, and has shown good performance over the past two years, can be a good alternative. Although he was somewhat sluggish with 10 wins, 12 losses, and a 4.07 ERA in 2021, his performance in innings (165 and 2/3 innings) remained 토토사이트

Straily also had a narrow choice due to the failure to re-enter MLB at a considerable age in his mid-30s. This is why Straily and Lotte, who were released from Arizona, are reconnected.

Lotte released Sparkman and said, “We will announce a replacement foreign player as soon as possible.”

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