Jessica’s girl group center failed She debuted at 2nd

Jessica’s girl group center failed She debuted at 2nd place


Jessica from Girls’ Generation will debut as a Chinese girl group.

According to reports on the 2nd, including China’s Sina Entertainment, the final ranking was announced on the 1st, with the final recording of the Chinese girl group’s re-debut survival program “Seungpung Parang,” and the result was leaked by the audience at the scene. According to the report, Taiwanese singer and actor Wang Shen-ling took the first place in the competition and took the center position. Wangsimneung not only showed more than expected in all performances, but also received good responses from fans with her responsibility and sincerity as a leader.

Jessica, who was considered an ace who could dance and sing from the beginning of the program, did not take the center position, but joined as a member in the final second place. The member took the third place, and Tan Weiwei will be the leader. In addition, a total of 10 people, including Jillian Cheng, Tsai Zhuyan, She Kaichi, Guo Chai-je, Tang Sui and Zhang Tianai, were confirmed as groups.

As expected by local fans, Jessica’s boyfriend Tyler Kwon’s ex-girlfriend and Hong Kong group Twins member Jillian Cheng was named in the final rankings. In the end, Tyler Kwon’s ex-girlfriend and current lover became a team, drawing fans’ attention to their moves.

Chinese mango TV “Seungpung Blue” is a program in which female stars in their 30s and older make their debut as girl groups through a competition, and it was popularly aired for the third season of this year. The 1st recording will be released on the 5th

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