Kim Bin-woo’s mom’s memories with a bikini that’s okay

Kim Bin-woo’s mom’s memories with a bikini that’s okay to take off

Kim Bin-woo

Actor Kim Bin-woo finished his month-long life in the U.S.

Kim Bin-woo posted on his social media on August 5, “The weather and people of Cali that I’m already going to miss. I laughed, ate, and played as much as I wanted.”

The released photo shows Kim Bin-woo wearing various bikinis and playing in the water in the swimming pool. You can meet Kim Bin-woo’s daily life again, who enjoyed bold and unconventional freedom while living in the U.S. The luxury body, which is the reason for confidence, also stands out.

Earlier, Kim Bin-woo conveyed his life in the U.S., saying, “It’s okay to go anywhere to take off your clothes and get ready to play in the water, and there’s no one to say anything about your baby’s mother taking off her clothes.”

Meanwhile, Kim Bin-woo married his younger businessman Yong-jin in 2015.

Currently, she has one son and one daughter, and she has shown the appearance of a parakeet couple through various broadcasts

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