Gen.G Ruler Triple Crown! “Romantic” itself. Prince [LCK]

Gen.G Ruler Triple Crown! “Romantic” itself. Prince [LCK]

Gen.G Ruler

The Return of Bottom Carry. The performance of long-distance dealers is remarkably shining.

With the regular season all over on the 14th, the honor of ranking first in POG points went to Gen.G’s “Ruler” Park Jae-hyuk and LSB’s “Prince” Lee Chae-hwan, who tied for first place with 1,200 points. The two players, who were proudly named in “Player of the Split,” proudly advanced their teams to the playoffs this season, playing a big role in their positions.

Gen.G’s long-distance dealer “Ruler” Park Jae-hyuk has been a top-ranked long-distance dealer for a long time and has been reborn as a franchise star of Gen.G. He, who challenged to win the championship with his new teammates this year, is said to have broken his heyday by showing stronger performance through the spring season. In fact, he achieved the “Triple Crown” by putting his name on both the regular league MVP, the All-LCK First Team, and the Player of the Split at the “LCK Awards,” which was held through 40 votes including broadcasters, observers, players, coaches and reporters after the regular league.

This season, Park played with a total of 12 different champions. Starting with Jerry (6 wins and 2 losses in 8 games), the winning rate of champions who used Jerry (6 wins and 0 losses in 6 games), Lucian (5 wins and 1 loss in 6 games), and Twitch (4 wins and 0 losses in 4 games) is also overwhelming. In addition to the wide range of champions introduced in the regular season, Park Jae-hyuk has a record of winning with surprise picks such as Yasuo. As a result, the opposing team also has limitations in shooting Park Jae-hyuk’s champion width at the van pick stage.

“Prince” Lee Chae-hwan is the main driver of the LSB rebound. Selected for the Player of the Split with Park Jae-hyuk this season, he settled LSB, which remained in ninth place in the spring season, in third place in a season. LSB, which caused a sandstorm with Lee Chae-hwan, showed signs of development during the season and also won points against DK and T1, which were considered strong players in the second round. Unlike the spring season, which has always been aggressive, the summer season LSB shows more colorful appearances, making us realize what “romantic” is in the true sense.

Lee played with a total of nine champions this season. He is shining even more when he plays long-distance dealers such as Apelios (7 wins and 6 losses in 13 games), Jerry (7 wins and 1 loss in 8 games), and Sibir (4 wins and 1 loss in 5 games). Sena, who often appeared until the beginning and middle of the season, has not been appointed once this season. It is essential to supply and demand CS from the perspective of a long-distance dealer who plays the role of Carey. In this context, Lee Chae-hwan, who does not prefer Sena who does not supply CS, is the width of this season’s championship itself.

Park Jae-hyuk and Lee Chae-hwan, who were listed on “Player of the Split” side by side. The two players’ conflicting positions on Apelios are also interesting. While Lee Chae-hwan appeared in the most games with Apelios this season with 13 appointments, Park Jae-hyuk only used Apelios once in the summer season. In the second set match against Hanwha Life Insurance, Park Jae-hyuk used Apelios against the Ashes combination of “Chunny” Cho Seung-mo’s Callista and “Vista” Oh Hyo-sung.

In the 2022 Summer Season, when the era of long-distance dealers has arrived, Park Jae-hyuk and Lee Chae-hwan, who have wings called “Meta,” have also succeeded in “Pentakill,” respectively, adding to their momentum. If LSB wins the DRX in the first round of the playoffs and Gen.G points to LSB as the second round opponent, the match between the two long-distance dealers will take place again. If the two players, who are playing the role of LSB. Carey, who are growing as the season goes by and eventually win points against defending champion T1, face off again, a carry match by long-distance dealers who will entertain viewers will also take place. Gen.G Ruler 토토사이트

Now that the regular season is over, only the playoffs remain to determine the winner. Gen.G, which finished first in the regular league, has confirmed its advance to the second round, while LSB, which is third in the season, is set to face sixth-ranked DRX in the first round. Gen.G wants to win the LCK trophy on his own. LSB, which caused the biggest upset this summer season, is also running toward more than the playoffs as Lee Chae-hwan said.

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