Hong Jin-young lost 7kg and had a “bone-thin” body.

Hong Jin-young lost 7kg and had a “bone-thin” body.

Hong Jin-young

Singer Hong Jinyoung focused on exercising.

Hong Jin-young posted a video on her Instagram on the 16th, saying, “Why did the video end at six?”

The video shows Hong Jin-young’s afternoon routine at the gym.

Hong Jinyoung is working on her abs using exercise equipment. “It’s because I can only do six,” he said, focusing on his movements.

At this time, Hong Jinyoung is drawing attention because she looks slim at a glance, including her slim waist, even in a sports suit.

Meanwhile, Hong Jin-young stopped her activities and began self-reflection after plagiarism of her graduate thesis was revealed in 2020.

Hong Jinyoung, who initially denied the allegations, belatedly admitted his wrongdoing and apologized.

Since then, Hong Jinyoung has released her new album “Viva La Vida” in April and resumed her activities, saying she lost 7kg during the suspension period.

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