BTS Jimin welcomes hundreds of people to his first solo entry…

BTS Jimin welcomes hundreds of people to his first solo entry…

BTS Jimin

BTS (BTS) Jimin shone in popularity, filling the airport with fans even after his first personal entry.

Jimin entered the country alone on August 14 after finishing his first trip in the United States since BTS’s declaration of personal activities. On this day, Jimin’s arrival site caused a rare scene in which hundreds of people were waiting to enter the country, reminiscent of a team’s group entry.

At the airport, hundreds of fans filled the sides of the airport, the first and second floors, and Jimin appeared, from where Jimin came out to where the car was standing, and the camera was fresh and shouting

Jimin, who has always impressed him with his consistent personality, seemed to be embarrassed for a moment by the surprising welcome crowd while dragging out the large trunk himself, but soon greeted the most popular star-like arrival scene with a polite greeting and a trademark smile.

This scene has captured real-time trends around the world, proving that the world’s attention has been focused on each real-time live broadcast channel.

Jimin was hailed as “WELCOME HOME JIMIN” and “WELCOME BACK JIMIN” and “Jiminie” at the 7th place in the world wide real-time trend, and fans were surprised by “What’s going on at the airport?” “As expected, Jimin was Jimin,” “From the frontman and invisible solo appearance.”

In addition, dozens of domestic and foreign drivers’ reactions poured out on the day, despite the tiredness of the long boarding time, always admired his polite greetings and warm etiquette, and continued to praise his shining visuals and polite manners on SNS.

Jimin also did not forget to greet him back home.

Through Weverse, the fan community, “I’m back” He also expressed his consistent love for his fans.

In particular, everyone paid attention to Jimin’s airport fashion on this day. At the same time as Jimin appeared, he colored the airport in a bright atmosphere and caught the eye completely.

Showing off a stylish atmosphere with simple beanies and glasses, the cozy daisy flower shape matched a large-sized knitwear in the center with loose-fit jeans to create a cute and sophisticated airport fashion.

Marni Brand’s knit top, which boasts a luxurious body fit that extends from white skin to long, elegant necklines and shoulder lines, sold out on its official website and various sales sites despite its high price.

Jimin has been selling out every airport fashion he wore, including Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta sandals and French contemporary brand Sandro sweaters when he was invited to the White House, proving the unique brand power of the 42-month boy group’s personal brand reputation every day, further inflating expectations for personal activities.

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