Kim Yoon-ji, casting for the Netflix movie “Lift”It’s time for real!

Kim Yoon-ji, casting for the Netflix movie “Lift”It’s time for real!

Kim Yoon-ji

Actor Kim Yoon-ji will appear in the Netflix movie “Lift.”

“Lift,” which will be met as an original Netflix movie in the U.S., is a story about a crew of multinational thieves preventing terrorist attacks. F. Gary Gray, who directed “Men in Black: International” (2019) and “The Fast and the Extreme” (2017), was in charge of directing.

Kim Yoon-ji is expected to be cast as the main character of “Lift” along with Ursula Corbero, who has been loved in Korea for the role of the paper house series “Tokyo.”

Earlier, Kim Yoonji drew attention by revealing her friendship with Usla Corbero along with a Hollywood filming machine on SBS’s “Dongsangimong 2 – You Are My Destiny,” which aired on the 15th.

In the broadcast, Kim Yoonji said, “The actor I wanted to meet the most is Usla, who played the role of Tokyo in ‘Paper House’ in Spain.” “When I was lonely, I became my best friend thanks to my strength,” he said, drawing envy from the cast.

In particular, he also revealed that he was filmed while staying abroad, including Italy and the UK, for three months. This shows the efforts of Kim Yoon-ji, who auditioned for more than 20 foreign works to advance overseas.

Meanwhile, Kim Yoon-ji, who made her debut with the name “NS Yoon-ji” in 2009, was loved by the public for her unrivaled stage performance and numerous entertainment programs, and in 2019, she has expanded her career by challenging acting with SBS’s “The Last Empress.”

Last year, he appeared as “Jasmine” on tvN’s “Mine,” making a strong impression on viewers with his stable acting and unique character skills. He is also active on screens such as the movie “Welcome Guest House,” continuing his acting career regardless of genre. 토토사이트

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