IU provocative lips…It’s unfamiliar but charming

IU provocative lips…It’s unfamiliar but charming


Singer and actor IU gave off a provocative charm.

IU released a photo taken at the scene of the advertisement on her Instagram on the 17th.

In the picture, he had an impressive makeup with a dark red lip and created a dreamy yet captivating feeling.

It attracts attention with a 180-degree difference from its usual innocent and fresh appearance.

IU, who attempted a different acting transformation with the movie “Broker,” which was released in June, also went to the Cannes International Film Festival with the film.

He will make a comeback as a singer in his main job and hold a solo concert at Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium in Seoul in September.

She is the first Korean female singer to enter the Olympic Main Stadium, drawing more expectations.

The concerts will be held on September 17 and 18 in time for IU’s debut anniversary.

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