Diabetes self-glucose measurement In fact

Diabetes self-glucose measurement (continuous blood glucose meter)


In fact, according to statistics, only 34% of people measure ruler in Korea, which means that there are many people who do not work hard even in hospitals. I can’t do it because I’m too lazy, what should I do? I usually do it four times a day, so if I do it once or twice a week, I get about 2kg of blood sugar in the morning. She can’t handle the work because she has to go out to work. She can measure electricity on a curve and practice every five minutes. That’s the point.

People who come at night are sleeping, but it’s not easy. When I heard that it changed from the news that blood sugar levels fell when I slept during the blood sugar period, I thought I needed a self-propelled glucose meter, but it seems to have advantages and disadvantages. First of all, as I said earlier, the medicine that helps measure cognitive ability is the medicine, and blood sugar problems are shown in the program or can be checked on the monitor, so blood sugar is coming out this much.

When I got hypoglycemia, very old people were hypoglycemia, and you kept sleeping, but you didn’t hear from me, so how can I do that when I get hospital treatment? I do this every day, but it goes up like this. When I work out, I work out this much so that I don’t fall off and go up. It will help you. Basically, it’s a little difficult for Yonsei University students, but I’m worried about it. It’s very simple, but you’ll get a hypoglycemic cell phone on time 강남셔츠룸

As a result, errors may remain. Most importantly, there are people who feel uncomfortable when exercising outdoors. I looked for it once, and the helmet to replace the sensor was uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt. It was a little uncomfortable in Korea. It’s okay when you have time. Actually, I lost a lot of money, but the price is still a little high. I hit it a little later, but it kept falling out, so I had to do it again

She’s diabetic anyway. She’ll have to be treated for life Either way, I have to take care of it steadily, but it’s not easy. Although there is a disadvantage that the blood glucose meter lasts for a lifetime, I am good at replying and cooking these days. I have a lot of low blood sugar at night. I’d like to take care of it. If you think so, it would be helpful to use a continuous glucose meter at a low cost.

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