Sung Hyuk’s same age non-celebrity girlfriend gets married

Sung Hyuk’s same age non-celebrity girlfriend gets married in October

Sung Hyuk's

Actor Sung-hyuk (real name Hong Sung-hyuk) will join the ranks of “Sold Out Men” in October.

According to Dong-A Dotcom coverage, Sung-hyuk will marry a beautiful girlfriend of the same age on October 21 in Seoul. The two, who usually liked sports, met as friends two years ago and developed into lovers, and this time they will form a relationship as a couple. Seong-hyuk decided to marry not only because of the beauty of the bride-to-be but also because of her extraordinary personality.

Families, relatives, and acquaintances are invited to the ceremony and held behind closed doors. Many star guests are also expected to visit the ceremony. As Sung-hyuk has been in FNC Entertainment for a long time, artists from the same agency will leave as guests. Fellow actors and actresses who have worked together in many works also visit the ceremony to bless Sung-hyuk’s marriage.

Sung-hyuk, who debuted in the drama “The Great Flower Fairy,” made his face known by appearing in the drama “The Great Flower Fairy,” “Don’t Shake,” “Marry Me,” and “The Bride of a Hundred Years.” Especially the 2014 drama ‘Here it comes! In ‘Jang Bo-ri’, he played Moon Ji-sang’s character and showed off his extraordinary presence. She became the only person to compete against Yeon Min-jung (played by Lee Yu-ri), an all-time evil woman character, and has established herself as an actress.

Since then, he has appeared in dramas “Only You Are My Love,” “My Sister Is Alive,” “A Korean Odyssey,” “Trap,” “Trap 2,” and “Wind and Cloud and Rain.” He also appeared in the movies “Good Friends,” “Incheon Landing Operation,” “Start-up,” “International Investigation,” and “Memories of Tomorrow.”

Sung-hyuk continues his career as an actor even after marriage. He is considering several works and plans to return as an actor after his marriage

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