San E, the bride who is 2 years younger than you in “Celebrity-like beauty”

San E, the bride who is 2 years younger than you in “Celebrity-like beauty” will be revealed as a surprise

San E

Rapper SanE expressed her feelings about getting married.

On the 27th, Sani posted a photo on his SNS with a message, “I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who congratulated me on my marriage.”

In the photo, Sani poses with a bride two years younger than her in the background of the wedding hall. He drew attention with a hip pose like a rapper.

In particular, the bride drew attention by giving off a celebrity-like aura, although she has a profile.

San E said, “I’ll live happily ever after.”

Meanwhile, Sani had a wedding somewhere in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 24th. The bride is a non-celebrity two years younger.

He is a South Korean-American rapper. “San E a.k.a The Rap Genius”. He started his underground debut by participating in the featuring in the song “2008 Korea” from Verbal Jint’s second full-length album “Naked.” He is currently a member of the FameUs Company, and Crew is overclass.

Skills, rhymes, and punchline ingenuity are the best classes in Korea and are one of the rappers mentioned when mentioning the national hip-hop top.

However, he is also an MC who has been criticized as a “ballad rapper” as well as a past case of P-type diss, and has been criticized a lot of public dissing. 코인파워볼

If you read the full text of the Music Salon interview, you can learn more about San.

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