The winning number of the lottery is 433 winners

The winning number of the lottery is 433 winners of “multiple of 9.””Suspicion of manipulation”


In the Philippines’ lottery, 433 first-place winners came out, raising suspicions that it might be manipulated.

According to BBC and others on the 4th, 433 people won the first prize as a result of the Philippine lottery “Grand Lotto” on the 2nd. They will share a total of 236 million pesos.

The reason why so many first-place winners came out seems to be due to the number drawn. The winning numbers for this first place are ‘9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54′.

The problem is that the winning number has only a multiple of 9. The Grand Lotto is first place when it matches six of the numbers between 1 and 55.

There were also voices calling for an investigation into the lottery. Coco Pimentel, the leader of a minority party in the Philippines’ Senate, called for an investigation, questioning the outcome of the lottery. “Lotto is a business that takes place under the government’s approval,” he told the BBC. “We must maintain and protect integrity.”

When some even suspected that it was a manipulation, Melchias Robles, an official of the Philippine Lottery Committee (PCSO), said, “The lottery numbers cannot be manipulated. There are people who bet on a series of numbers they set each time.”

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