Lee Se-hee, who broke through 500 to 1 can’t escape

Lee Se-hee, who broke through 500 to 1 can’t escape from the weekend drama

Lee Se-hee

Was the acting of the 52-episode long-running weekend drama a drag? Lee Se-hee, who became the main character of KBS2’s “Gentleman and Lady” through a 500:1 competition rate and became the main character of KBS2’s home turf Cinderella, is showing lower-than-expected acting skills in KBS2’s “Real Sword Match,” starring in the first mini-series.

The “Real Sword Match,” which first aired on the 5th, is a bad prosecutor action investigation drama that breaks down the sanctuary created by wealth and power and even the group of evil living in it. Sungho Kim, the director of Netflix’s original “Move to Heaven,” who produced social issues insightfully, took the megaphone

In the play, Lee Se-hee played Shin A-ra, a senior prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutors’ Office, taking off her cheerful and firm image and transforming herself into a person with clean work and cool judgment. Do Kyung-soo (played by Jinjeong) is in a relationship with senior and junior prosecutors.

Above all, Lee Se-hee was loved with an amazing 38.2% viewer rating in her previous film, “Gentleman and Lady,” so she said at the production presentation, “I wanted to act charismatic as much as the weight from the job of a prosecutor.” “On the other hand, there is a comic side, and I wanted to show you that part,” he said, expressing his determination to participate in the work as a main character in his first mini-series.

Director Sungho Kim also cast Lee Se-hee after watching “The Gentleman and the Lady.” “Actually, I didn’t know Lee Se-hee very well, but I looked for her because I heard there was an actress who was very popular in ‘Gentleman and Lady,'” he said. “I looked up everything including her appearance on entertainment shows, but it was so attractive.”

With Do Kyung-soo’s return to the small screen for the first time in four years, the combination of Lee Se-hee, who emerged as a rising star, raised expectations even before the broadcast, but Lee Se-hee, who played in the unveiled work, drew regret with Park Dan-dan’s extension.

His wide-open eyes and exaggerated speech continued in the mini-series, which was accepted in weekend dramas and daily dramas. Even though he had to show off his sharp charisma toward Do Kyung-soo, a junior prosecutor, his unnatural tone and behavior broke the drama’s immersion. It is also awkward to see prosecutors of the criminal department shouting a toast together in their seats and apologizing instead for Do Kyung-soo’s rebellious appearance.

There was no natural feeling when Lee Se-hee played a fellow in emergency medicine who showed interest in Yang Jung-won (Yoo Yeon-seok) in “Wise Doctor Life Season 2” (hereinafter referred to as “Hospital Playlist 2”). While filming “The Gentleman and the Lady” for a long time, it seems like he has become used to acting on weekends.

Expectations and concerns coexist over whether Lee Se-hee, who is not able to show her proper presence even though it is smaller than Do Kyung-soo, who is flying properly in “Real Sword Competition,” will be able to take off her awkwardness and show a proper transformation

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