Ruler Park Jae-hyuk, who finished the first round, said

“Ruler” Park Jae-hyuk, who finished the first round, said, “I’ll enjoy it even though I’m under pressure from the seeded.”


“Ruler” Park Jae-hyuk of Gen.G e-Sports, who finished the first round of the group stage, talked about the burden on the LCK first seed.

Gen.G won against CTBC Flying Oyster in the fourth day of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship group stage at Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden, New York, on the 11th (Korea time).

Park Jae-hyuk used Caitlin to help the team win.

In a media interview after the game, Park Jae-hyuk said, “We’re feeling pressured because we’re in the first seed now,” adding, “We’re trying to enjoy the burden.”

In addition, when asked about Gen.G, who is considered to have a lower form than the LCK final, he agreed, saying, “I definitely think my form is lower than when I won the LCK.”

At the same time, he showed confidence, saying, “I think I need to prepare hard to supplement, and then I think I can do better enough.”

He then analyzed the current problems of Gen.G, saying, “There are parts where I can’t concentrate and get cut off, and there are parts where the team doesn’t agree,” adding, “I think we need to supplement those parts.”

In the final game of the first round, Gen.G played a difficult game against PCS No. 1 seed Flying Oster.

He continued the slugfest and won the game with difficulty.

In response, Park Jae-hyuk said, “I thought Flying Oster was good, so I expected this game,” but added, “I was excited and worried about what kind of ban-pick he would have prepared because he released Caitlin, but I was surprised to prepare a pike, and I think it was harder than I thought.”

Regarding the difference between major and non-major areas, he then expressed caution, saying, “I think it has definitely narrowed compared to the past,” adding, “I thought I could lose.”

Ruler Park Jae-hyuk, who finished the first round after the Flying Oyster match, picked Royal Never Give Up (RNG), which lost one against the most difficult opponent.

“There is no team that I felt surprised or unexpected, but I thought RNG was still good,” he said adding, “I think I’m still doing well in the parts I used to do well.”

Finally, Park Jae-hyuk expressed his thoughts on Calista, who is showing a strong performance in the LOL World Cup. 부산출장마사지

“The Calista has gone down, but it still has good performance, and these days, the long-distance dealer champions often don’t have a flight,” he said. “That’s why Calista often appears in this LOL World Cup and I think the winning rate is good.”

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