The MZ generation is crazy about Tony Leung…

The MZ generation is crazy about Tony Leung, and the price of the ticket alone is 500,000 won

Tony Leung

The 27th Busan International Film Festival, which declared normalization from the COVID-19 pandemic, has passed the mid-term, showing positive signs related to box office success everywhere.

In terms of topics and invited works, it can be said that the Busan International Film Festival is holding events to meet expectations.

We looked at various characteristics and behind-the-scenes stories that emerged from this year’s Busan Film Festival.

First of all, there was a movie star who led the success at the beginning of the film festival, so it was Tony Leung.

He visited the Busan Film Festival for the first time in 18 years since 2004, and presented six of his own films to the audience, including the Asian Film of the Year Award.

The special section called “Yanyang Yeonhwa of Yangjo-wi” sold out early as soon as the reservation was held.

In particular, in the case of <Mugando>, online tickets appeared, and it is rumored that the asking price alone reached 500,000 won.

In addition, the souvenir shop sold 150 brewery goods a day, and it was easy to find a 100-meter-long line formed by the audience even before the store opened.

At the open talk held at the outdoor plaza of the Cinema Center on the 7th, about 4,000 seats were filled early.

Earlier in the press conference held on the 6th, reporters continued to ask questions, and they were unable to digest them within the scheduled time.

Some reporters even emphasized their fans’ love by mentioning the work of Tony Leung, which they had enjoyed for a long time, without hiding their red expressions and trembling voices.

It was an all-time heat among press conferences and outdoor events held in nearly a decade.

In fact, the invitation to the Brewing Committee was the result of planning about a year before the opening of the festival.

An official at the Busan International Film Festival said, “We promoted it since the end of 2021, but it was not as easy to persuade as we thought. “After it was confirmed, I had to specially join the team to protect my security,” he said.

At that time, the organizers did not expect such an audience, especially young audiences in their teens and 20s.

The official also asked the reporter again, “Do you think why the MZ generation is crazy about breweries?”

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