The 7th Plenary Session of the Chinese Party Congress closes…

The 7th Plenary Session of the Chinese Party Congress closes…”SHI JIN PING’s core position is protected”


The Central Committee, the top leadership body of the Chinese Communist Party, emphasized the establishment and protection of President Xi Jinping’s key party status at a final inspection meeting to prepare for the 20th National Congress.

As a result, President Xi’s extension of power will be confirmed at the party’s conference, which will open on the 16th.

China’s state-run news agency Xinhua reported the results of the 7th plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party in Beijing, attended by 199 party members and 159 candidates for four days from the 9th to today.

Citing the party’s achievements over the past five years, the official letter, which mentioned “Xi Jinping” 14 times out of 2,600 women, said, “It is the common desire of the party, the whole army, and the people of all ethnic groups to establish the core status of the party and the new Xi Jinping era.”

In the meantime, the public notice emphasized, “The party should deeply realize the decisive meaning of the establishment of the two,” adding, “We need to protect the two.”

“Two establishments” refer to the establishment of Xi’s central and party core status and the establishment of leadership in the Chinese characteristic socialist ideology in the new era of Xi Jinping.

The “two guardian” means determinedly defending the central position of Xi’s party and the party’s core position, as well as the authority of the party’s center and the leadership of intensive unification, respectively.

These are interpreted as a fait accompli that the upcoming party convention will be President Xi’s third consecutive term of office.

President Xi, who became China’s top leader after the 18th party congress held in 2012, will extend his power by five years once he confirms his third consecutive term.

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