Peanut made Gen.G’s group top with a bold choice

Peanut made Gen.G’s group top with a bold choice


“Peanut” Han Wang-ho led the team to the top of the group with a bold decision that shook the game.

Gen.G defeated Royal Never Give Up (RNG) in the second round of Group D of the 2022 LOL World Cup at Madison Square Garden Hulu Theater in New York City on the 17th (Korea time) and succeeded in advancing to the quarterfinals as the first place in the group. Gen.G won the first game against RNG after a difficult game, creating a chance for the first place match. And the victory began with Han Wang-ho’s bold choice.

In the Banpick phase, RNG chooses Maokai, not Graves, who has recently shown good performance in the jungle as the first pick of the blue. Since then, he has chosen Akali and Tristana in the second and third order, showing that he is blatantly forming a rushing combination. Gen.G tries to counter RNG’s rushing combination by choosing Renata Glask as the last champion of the first phase.

However, RNG plays a ban-pick in the second phase. When Gen.G pulled out Lenecton to put strength on his upper body in consideration of Silas’ weak early line match, RNG chose Gang Plank to hit the counter. He then chose Blitz Crank as a supporter and showed his intention to put pressure on the Gen.G. bottom duo without running away.

At the beginning of the game, Peanut Gen.G laughed. Han Wang-ho, who started after eating the opponent’s red with trundles, then catches Maokai of “Way” Yen Yang-wei, who came into their blue side. Soon after, he seemed to take the game easily, blocking Yen Yang-wei’s target, who attempted bottom-ganking with everything he had.

However, after that, the champions selected in the second phase of RNG’s Banpick begin to show their strength. RNG, who lost money at the bottom, cut off Gen.G’s flow as “Bris” Cheon-cheon scored a solo kill with a gangplank. Since then, bottom has also started to recover as “Ming” Sissamming has played as Blitz Crank, and Yen Yangwei’s Mao Kai has also begun to recover.

Gen.G built two dragon stacks, but had to play in an uncomfortable composition due to the out-of-control growth of Gangplank. Gen.G, who continued to play such an unstable game, brings back the flow in the 15th minute battle of the messenger. Han Wang-ho’s bold judgment was decisive.

RNG, who has started to catch the flow, is greedy. Although he was not holding a teleportation, he sent a well-grown gangster plank to the bottom that could support the ultimate flag, and the main team began to hit the messenger. At this time, Han Wang-ho, who played Trundle, did not hold a flash, but boldly enters the messenger’s nest using a pine cone bullet. Han Wang-ho, who spent time recovering his physical strength by applying a strong blow to his messenger, pulls out Maokai’s ultimate goal.

Afterwards, Gen.G, who created a wrap-up structure, opened the battle with a good camp and regained the atmosphere by catching the two opponents. It was a moment when the game, which could have been in danger, was brought back to their flow. 부산출장마사지

Gen.G, who got on the mood, later gained momentum by destroying the opponent’s mid-first turret, including the third dragon stack, in the battle. Gen.G, who finished Baron in the 25th minute aiming for the opponent’s maintenance timing, pushed in with Baron Buff and ended the game as it was.

After reversing the difficult game with Han Wang-ho’s bold decision on the messenger nest, Gen.G tied with RNG 5 wins and 1 loss, and advanced to the quarterfinals as the top of the group with a landslide victory in the ensuing tie break.

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