Chile officially recognizes “third gender X” on ID…

Chile officially recognizes “third gender X” on ID cards instead of men and women


There are a series of cases in which official documents of Latin American countries officially recognize “third gender” rather than men or women.

On the 14th, the Chilean government issued a “non-binary” ID card printed with “X” instead of “men

and women” in the gender display column for the first time in history, the Associated Press and Latin American media Infobae reported.

Nonbinary is a term that refers to a person with a gender identity that deviates from the dichotomous gender distinction between men and women.

Shane Cienpuegos, who leads a social group for gender-neutral diversity in Chile,

has been in court for nine years to get a third gender confirmed in official documents,

and this time he has been issued an identification card.

Argentina recognized gender-neutral identification for the first time in Latin America in April last year,

followed by Mexico and Colombia.

Globally, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, and Nepal have allowed third gender labeling,

and the United States has also been able to select and mark “gender X” on female sex since April.

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