Gumayusi Lee Min-hyung, “I’ll show you …

Gumayusi Lee Min-hyung, “I’ll show you why Jingdong doesn’t want to meet us.”


Gumayusi Lee Min-hyung, who led T1 to the semifinals of the World Championship (LOL World Cup), showed strong confidence in the bottom champion pool.

T1 defeated RNG 3-0 in the quarterfinals of the 2022 LOL World Cup at the Madison Square Garden Hulu Theater in New York City, New York, on the 22nd (Korea time). Lee Min-hyung was active as a Nodes in the first and second sets, and in the third set, he took out Varus, who had lost all the LOL World Cups, and won, leading the team to the semifinals.

In an interview after the game, Gumayusi Lee Min-hyung looked back on the difficult multi-jeon, saying, “I can feel that multi-jeon consumes a lot of physical strength.” “But I feel good that I won 3-0,” he said, expressing his feelings for the victory.

With a 3-0 victory in the quarterfinals, T1 paid off its defeat in the last MSI final. Asked about this, he said, “Honestly, I didn’t realize that I was on the same team because my team’s skills changed after a long time,” adding, “But I feel good that I’m getting revenge on my image.”

On this day, Lee Min-hyung showed an overwhelming difference in skills against the “Gala” Chun Wei-Ming bottom duo along with “Keria” Ryu Min-seok. Asked about the bottom half-pick preparation process in the multiple premise, he explained, “I tried many things in practice, including the bottom composition,” adding, “I thought there was no team that could match our bottom, so I dealt with it with several picks.”

T1’s 3-0 victory was crucial to a come-from-behind victory in the second set. T1, which had difficulties in the upper body in the early stages, was able to win with Lee Min-hyung’s performance. In response, Lee Min-hyung said, “I grew up well while farming, but I thought ‘Can I win’ as Kaisa of ‘Gala’ followed my CS,” adding, “But it was not difficult to make a deal due to the combination, and I didn’t think the difficulty was high because Renata Glass was also there.”

Gumayusi Lee Min-hyung is also the best T1 player in the LOL World Cup. Regarding his performance today, he said, “I don’t think I did well when I was ash in the first set,” but added, “I think I did well other than that, so I’ll give you 80 points.” 토토사이트

T1, who overpowered RNG, will meet LPL 1 seed Jingdong Gaming in the semifinals. Asked about this, Lee Min-hyung said, “If you look at Jingdong’s interview or team voice, you don’t seem to want to meet T1, but I will show you why in the semifinals,” adding, “I will prepare hard and go to the finals.”

Lastly, Lee Min-hyung finished the interview by thanking fans, saying, “It’s hard to watch the game due to the time difference during the competition in the U.S., but thank you for waking up early and cheering for me.”

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