BLACKPINK JENNIE and ROSE made a mistake on the stage

BLACKPINK JENNIE and ROSE made a mistake on the stage


Is the choreography of the group BLACKPINK particularly difficult?

Members Jenny and Rose are seen making mistakes in the choreography.

Recently, the BLACKPINK stage video shared online is receiving a lot of attention.

This is because the member Rosé’s lack of familiarity with the choreography was highlighted one after another.

Opinions criticizing Rose continued over this.

In fact, before Rosé’s choreography mistake, member Jenny has been under similar rumors several times.

This is because Jennie was constantly seen missing the choreography and pose in the entire BLACKPINK movement.

Jenny even appeared naked on the YouTube channel “Channel 15Ya” when she forgot the choreography of BLACKPINK’s signature hit song “Playing With Fire.”

At the time, Jenny tried to demonstrate the choreography of “Playing With Fire,” but she hesitated, saying, “What, I don’t remember, what should I do?”

BLACKPINK will meet fans around the world with the world tour “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK],” which began on October 15.

The agency announced that it will attract a total of 1.5 million viewers, the largest in the history of K-pop girl groups, and focused on boasting its size.

When it comes to BLACKPINK’s world tour, the first priority is for all members to make a set list with their previous songs and fill in the performance.

It is none other than the complete choreography that BLACKPINK members, not ballad singers or instrumentalists, can show at their maximum on stage.

Did such BLACKPINK members not understand their main job properly?

Do girl group members have more important preparations other than dance practice?

Are you spending more time practicing advertising poses because you are in the spotlight as a global brand model? 메이저사이트

Otherwise, BLACKPINK’s choreography may have been made too high without considering the members’ individual capabilities.

Then, instead of blaming Jenny and Rose, BLACKPINK’s choreography is too difficult for them.

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