Monster Rookie Paulo Vanquero scored 20 points

Monster Rookie Paulo Vanquero scored 20 points in three consecutive games in his first teenage debut in NBA history

Paulo Vanquero

Orlando Magic monster Rookie Paolo Van Kerro summoned Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

CBS Sports of the U.S. said on the 23rd, “Paulo Vanquero, who joined Orlando Magic as the No. 1 rookie draft player, became the first teenager to score 20 points in the first three games in a row.”

Van Kerro is 19 years old this year.

Debut against the Detroit Pistons. He scored 27 points, nine rebounds, five assists, two block shots and a 61% field throw rate. An incredible figure to be a rookie. Orlando’s ace and center of attack in a heartbeat.

It wasn’t just a ‘tropical storm in a teacup’. He scored 20 points, 12 rebounds and three block shots against the Eastern powerhouse Atlanta Hawks.

The next opponent was the Boston Celtics. Boston is one of the strongest teams in the East that competed with the Golden State Warriors for the championship ring last season. In addition, sticky defense is Boston’s most powerful weapon.

Paulo Vanquero proved to be a real talent, with 23 points, five rebounds and three assists.

It is unprecedented in NBA history that teenage rookies scored more than 20 points in the first three games of their debut. Neither Kobe Bryant nor LeBron James could.

CBS Sports said, “Physically, Van Kerro seems already ready to play at the NBA level. He said he has won the trust of his teammates in three games.

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