Kim Kardashian snipes at Kanye West, ex-husband of hate speech

Kim Kardashian snipes at Kanye West, ex-husband of hate speech

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian slammed ex-husband Kanye West comments.

According to ABC News and other local media on October 25 (local time), Kim Kardashian refuted his ex-husband Kanye West’s anti-Semitic remarks and Jewish threats.

Kim Kardashian wrote on his social media, “Hate speech can never be forgiven. I support the Jewish community and call for an end to the terrible violence and hatred towards them,” he wrote.

Kanye West recently posted hateful comments on Instagram and Twitter, but has started to acquire a far-right social media seller amid the suspension of his account.

Kanye West and Kardashian began dating in 2012 and married in May 2014 with four children.

Earlier last year, Kardashian filed for divorce and recently completed the divorce process.

From Paris Hilton’s maid to famous celebrities, Kardashian was a rich girl who grew up in a wealthy environment due to her father Robert Kardashian’s lawyer and business success.

She grew up in Beverly Hills, California, one of the most famous rich villages in the United States, and her mother Chris Jenner had a housekeeper to help with various chores and enjoyed various social activities while her children were in private school.  토토사이트

Kardashian also received a BMW from her father Robert Kardashian on his 16th birthday.

The Kardashian sisters’ childhood photos and home videos show that they grew up in a typical American wealthy family.

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