Head-on collision between Kim Yeonkyung and Yang Hyo-jin…

Head-on collision between Kim Yeonkyung and Yang Hyo-jin…An undefeated match between Heungkuk and Hyundai

Kim Yeonkyung

Kim Yeonkyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance) and Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai Engineering & Construction), who are leading their team’s unbeaten streak in women’s professional volleyball, will face off for the first time this season.

Heungkuk Life Insurance and Hyundai Engineering & Construction will play the first round at Suwon Gymnasium from 7 p.m. on the 1st of next month.

Both teams have won both matches since the start of the season. Heungkuk Life won 3-0 in both games and is currently in first place. Hyundai Engineering & Construction lost a set against Pepper Savings Bank on the 28th, ranking second.

Heungkuk Life quickly emerged as a favorite with the return of volleyball empress Kim Yeon-kyung. Kim Yeon-kyung is leading the team, performing as expected in both offense and defense.

Heungkuk Life’s foreign player Yelena Mrazenovic (registered name Yelena) is also doing her part. Yelena, who used to play plotter serve in the past, began to add spike serve and scored three serve points in the KGC Ginseng Corporation match on the 29th.

Yang Hyo-jin is holding out in the center of Hyundai Engineering & Construction. Yang Hyo-jin scored 21 points in the previous game and recorded a 65.5% attack success rate.

Yasmin Bedart (registered name Yasmin), a foreign player of Hyundai Engineering & Construction, has become stronger. Yasmin was very active in the match against Pepper Savings Bank on the 28th, scoring 22 points and 44% of the attack success rate.

The match between Heungkuk Life Insurance and Hyundai Engineering & Construction is expected to be an important match to gauge the women’s volleyball game this season.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction will then face GS Caltex, which is considered the top three women’s volleyball players.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction and GS Caltex will meet at Suwon Gymnasium at 4 p.m. on the 5th of next month.

The key is whether Hyundai Engineering & Construction will prove again that it is a natural enemy of GS Caltex. In the match between the two teams last season, Hyundai Engineering & Construction overwhelmed with 5 wins and 0 losses. GS Caltex was doing well but weakened when it met Hyundai Engineering & Construction.

GS Caltex won a shutdown victory in the opening game with IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, but the flow was cut off as it lost the ensuing Korea Expressway Corporation match. We need a troubleshooter to help foreign player Moma Bosoko Leticia (registered name Moma).

Attention is focusing on whether Hyundai Engineering & Construction will win against GS Caltex as it did last season or whether GS Caltex will succeed in revenge and turnaround.

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