Heidi Klum transforms into a giant bug this year

Heidi Klum transforms into a giant bug this year

Haadi Klum

Heidi Klum Halloween costume play has been unveiled.

Splash Dotcom revealed the scene of Heidi Klum’s Halloween party at the Moshe Hotel in New York on Oct. 31 (local time).

Heidi Klum, which drew attention every year for its unconventional Halloween costume play, turned into a giant bug and drew attention. Heidi Klum’s features can be seen through the body of the bug.

His 16-year-old husband, Tom Kauritz, turned into a fisherman who caught Heidi.

Heidi Club’s Halloween party was attended by many celebrities as well as Heidi Club families.

German-American fashion model and broadcaster.

He won a modeling competition in Germany in 1992 and entered the fashion modeling career, initially working in London and Milan.

He was 177 centimeters tall and gained a bit of weight (…) around 60 kilograms for a European high fashion model at the time.) Thanks to this, he was very successful in commercial, but because he was not skinny, the high fashion trend was not very good, focusing on skinny models from this time on, and German designer Wolfgang Yub said, “Heidi Club is too fat to come out in the Paris collection.”

Mark Jacobs also said that when he first saw Clum, he thought he was definitely bigger than other fashion models, and of course, Jacobs indirectly expressed, “Heidi showed a glamorous charm that was definitely hard to see with other fashion models.”

Since then, the sample size of the high-fashion model’s outfit has been less than 90 centimeters in size, and Clum also confessed that he could not stand on the runway properly.

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