Hearthstone launches a new expansion pack called ‘King Rich’…

Hearthstone launches a new expansion pack called ‘King Rich’ on December 7th


Blizzard Entertainment unveiled its new job “Death Knight” on the 2nd, along with this year’s last new expansion pack “March of the Lich King” on “Hearthstone.”

The expansion pack “Rich King’s Progress,” scheduled to be released on December 7 in Korean time, has added 203 cards containing a new job, “Death Knight,” a new subordinate race with a reincarnation keyword, and a new keyword “Managathy” that is strengthened by the number of modifications.

In the Prologue of Death in the Expansion Pack Game of King Rich, you can look back on Arthur Menesil’s journey and see how he became a villain symbolizing the “Warcraft” worldview.

Meanwhile, from the 2nd until the release of King Rich’s March, the entire “Frozen Knights of the Throne” card will be temporarily re-introduced as a regular “Harthstone” game, and anyone can use it for free as a key set. In addition, users accessing the game will be given free of charge a legendary order “Sunsaem,” which will be useful to stop the “Skullge’s march.”

Pre-orders for large bundle products and bundle products for “King Rich’s Progress” will begin on the 2nd. The large bundle of “King Rich’s March” products includes a set of “Arthur’s Road” consisting of 26 cards.

More information can be found in the official blog post.

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