Jiyeon “Let’s live together and go out”…

Jiyeon “Let’s live together and go out”…

Jiyeon "Gangnam Zombie."

Actress Jiyeon, a former member of the group T-ara, heralded a desperate struggle with Ji Il-joo in the movie “Gangnam Zombie.”

“Gangnam Zombie” (directed by Lee Soo-sung) is a comic zombie action film about Gangnam, which has become the center of chaos as people with unknown symptoms appear. It contains a life-threatening struggle to escape from a building trapped by zombies occupying Gangnam, the center of Seoul, the capital of Korea.

Ji Il-joo played the role of Hyun-seok, a former standing army member who couldn’t stand injustice and dreamed of becoming a promising Taekwondo player for the national team. Ji-yeon breaks down into a Min-jung character who is fighting for her life to survive a zombie, and tries to transform into a new acting that she has never seen before.

Hyun-seok and Min-jung’s character poster released today (2nd) catches the eye by capturing their final struggle to survive in a building in Gangnam filled with people who have turned into zombies. Hyun-seok’s desperate run, leaving the chasing zombies behind, heralds an extreme survival war that cannot be overlooked every second.

Don’t worry. The copy of “I’ll definitely protect you” raises questions about how Hyun-suk, a former standing member of the Korean national taekwondo team, will break through the situation, while giving a glimpse of his desperate struggle to protect it.

The appearance of Min-jung, who seems to have faced a crisis while running away from zombies chasing her, creates tension that makes the hands of prospective audiences sweat. The phrase “Let’s live together and go out together” adds curiosity about whether Hyun-seok and Min-jung will be able to survive the struggle with zombies.

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