What will happen if Kim Hasung returns to ‘drug’ Tatis?

What will happen if Kim Hasung returns to ‘drug’ Tatis?

Kim Hasung

Kim Ha-sung (27), who had the best season, proudly stepped on Korean soil. Will Kim Hasung be able to show the same performance as this year next year? If Fernando Tatis Jr. (23, San Diego), a superstar in the team, returns, what will Kim Ha-sung’s position be?

Kim Ha-sung unexpectedly took the opportunity to become the main player this season. Fernando Tatis Jr., the best shortstop representing Major League Baseball, has been revealed to have taken drugs. Tatis Jr. was suspended for 80 games in August after he was caught taking banned drugs.

Kim Hasung perfectly filled the gap in Tatis Jr. He played in 150 games this season and batted .251, 11 home runs, 59 RBIs and 12 steals. Above all, he caught the attention of San Diego fans with his solid defense.

It was also a great harvest to experience the Major League postseason for the first time in the second year of the big league. He played as the first batter or the seventh batter, such as the leadoff, and actively played on the ground. Postseason performance is 0.186 (8 hits in 43 at-bats), 3 RBIs, 8 runs scored, and 1 stolen base in 12 games. San Diego fans applauded “Ha Sung Kim” whenever Kim Ha-sung appeared at bat.

Kim Ha-sung returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport on the 2nd. According to News 1, Kim Ha-sung said, “Unlike last year, I think I’ve shown more improvement. There was always confidence. “This season has been a good opportunity for me, and I did my best, but I got good results in my own way,” he said. 사설토토

He added, “I feel that the blow still has a lot to be supplement. I think playing full-time this season will definitely lead to a good record next year. “I’m also satisfied that I was nominated for the Gold Glove final,” he said. Although it did not reach the final Gold Glove award, it was definitely a meaningful achievement. This is because it means that he has received clear recognition in shortstop defense.

However, another competition may begin next year. This is because Tatis Jr. can return after mid-April next year after disciplinary action. With San Diego playing 12 postseason games, Tatis Jr.’s return to next year is faster than originally expected.

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