iPhone SE 4 Notch Screen Confirmed…OLED-LCD status is undecided

iPhone SE 4 Notch Screen Confirmed…OLED-LCD status is undecided

iPhone SE 4

Apple is reportedly considering which size and panel to choose over the display of the low-end iPhone “iPhone SE 4.” Although information on device specifications cannot be accurate as the iPhone SE 4 has not yet been released, Apple product experts such as famous overseas tipsters predict that the product will be released in 5.7-inch or 6.1-inch sizes. It is not clear whether the display is OLED or LCD. However, it is expected that the notch display will be used as it is.

Apple released its first iPhone SE product in March 2016, and introduced its second iPhone SE four years later in April 2020. As the third model comes out in 2022 and breaks the four-year interval formula, the fourth iPhone SE is likely to come out in 2023 or 2024. Experts say that Apple can reduce the interval between iPhone SE releases to increase its market share in the mid- to low-end phone market.

Foreign media such as MacRumus, an overseas IT media, recently quoted display analyst Ross Young’s Twitter and reported that Apple has not yet decided which display to choose for the iPhone SE4.

It is known that Apple has listed two companies that produce 6.1-inch OLEDs and two producers of 5.7- to 6.1-inch LCD displays to be considered to determine displays for iPhone SE4. It can be interpreted that the display panel and size of the iPhone SE 4 have not yet been confirmed.

The iPhone SE 3, which Apple introduced in 2022, is equipped with an LCD display. It is a product that features a design with a thick bezel and a touch ID home thick bezel. If iPhone SE4 is equipped with OLED display, the price may rise slightly.

Considering that all iPhones introduced by Apple have adopted OLED displays, iPhone SE4 is also likely to be equipped with OLEDs even if prices increase. However, there is a possibility that LCD displays will be adopted as they are, as the iPhone SE series has a low-cost characteristic.

Ross Young predicted that Apple will adopt a full-screen design with notches, apart from whether it will confirm the size of the iPhone SE 4 display as 5.7-inch or 6.1-inch. It is known that it has not been confirmed whether to adopt Face ID or Touch ID as a personal identification function.

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