Timothy Chalame buys 15.6 billion won worth of luxury houses.

Timothy Chalame buys 15.6 billion won worth of luxury houses.

Timothy Chalame

Actress Timothy Chalame, 26, has bought the luxury Beverly Hills mansion where model Kate Upton, 30, and baseball player Justin Verlander, 39, lived for $11 million.

According to a recent report by Dutt, the couple sold the mansion to Chalame for slightly less than the original price of $11.7 million.

The couple bought the house for $5.25 million in 2016. He reportedly handed it to Chalame after minor repairs to the house, including new paint, ceiling treatment and a full-scale overhaul of the kitchen.

Professional tennis player Pete Sampras and saxophonist Kenny G lived in the house earlier. Actor Vin Diesel lives next door.

The 5,521-square-foot mansion sits on a hill in the city. The spacious living room offers plenty of natural lighting and features lovely gray stone fireplaces and beam ceilings. There is a marble sculpture in the center, and the rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art home appliances.

The house also has a large restaurant perfect for entertaining many guests.

In addition, there are theater rooms, game rooms, separate guest suites, swimming pools, and wine rooms, and one of the house’s biggest attractions, the enormous tennis court, is located a little further from the outside.

The Upton-Verlander couple moved to their new home in Florida last year.

Meanwhile, Chalame, the “popular” who is also loved in Korea, is set to release the movie “Bones and All,” which turned into a sexy cannibal.

The horror romance, based on Camille de Angelis’ novel of the same name, is a growing drama about a girl with cannibalism who meets and falls in love with Lee (Timothy Chalame) who has the same appetite on her way to find her family. Luca Guadano, director of “Call Me by Your Name,” one of Chalame’s representative works, took the megaphone.

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